YoWhatsapp Apk Download 2023 Official

Welcome to YoWhatsapp, the latest and most advanced version of Whatsapp with amazing features! YoWhatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp that includes exclusive customization options such as themes, fonts, wallpapers, animations, styles and more.

With YoWhatsapp you can send unlimited messages, images, videos and documents in any format. It also has features such as an improved audio quality while on call, quick contacts access and status updates in full-screen mode. With the new updated versions of this application, users can make their profile picture encrypted with their passcode or biometrics so that only they have access to it.

This Apk is totally safe and secure as it has a very strict anti-spam policy to ensure the safety of your data. YoWhatsapp Apk supports multiple languages and its auto-updates keep your app running smoothly at all times. Downloading this Apk from official sources guarantees authenticity and is always recommended for complete safety of your data. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download YoWhatsapp Apk today!

YoWhatsapp Apk Download

File Information:
App NameYoWhatsapp
App VersionUpdated
Android Version4.2+
App size56.06MB
Package Namecom.yowhatsapp
Total Downloads1537,000+
Last Update1 Day ago
Rating4.8( 79930 ratings)

YoWhatsApp APK Latest version

YoWhatsapp is the latest version of the popular Whatsapp Mod for Android. It is an advanced version of Whatsapp that allows you to customize the look and feel of your messaging experience. YoWhatsapp comes with a range of new features including custom themes, text styles, hide online status, enhanced privacy options, advanced contact list management and much more. YoWhatsapp can be used to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues from anywhere in the world without compromising your security or privacy. With its many customization options, it’s easy to make this mod your own!

The latest version of YoWhatsapp includes:
• Customizable themes
• New fonts and styles
• Hide Online Status option
• Enhanced Privacy Options
• Improved Contact List Management
• Optimized User Interface and Design
• Support for VoIP calls
• Built-in Video & Voice recorder and player
• Group Chats with up to 1000 participants.

YoWhatsApp is an easy to install apk that supports most versions of Android phones. The app has a built-in virus protection which will protect your phone from any malicious activity while downloading the apk file. YoWhatsApp also offers regular updates so you can keep up with the latest features available. To download the latest version simply head over to the official website and follow the instructions provided on their page.

YoWhatsapp Previous All Version List

We are providing all the previous versions of YoWhatsapp apk for your convenience. Below is the list of all the YoWhatsapp Apks that have been released so far.

  1. YoWhatsapp v8.25: This version was released on 25th March 2020 and it introduced an enhanced design for user interface, quick response button for contact info and also some bug fixes and performance improvements.
  2. YoWhatsapp v7.99: This version was released on 11th January 2020 and it introduced a privacy mode, quick reply options, multi language support and more stability fixes.
  3. YoWhatsapp v7.81: This version was released on 3rd November 2019 and it included features such as built-in wallpaper customization, customization of theme colours, improved battery efficiency and various bug fixes.
  4. YoWhatsapp v7.70: This version was released on 28th September 2019 and it included a variety of bug fixes along with new sticker pack library, redesigned UI and extra features such as picture-in-picture mode & lock screen notifications.
  5. YoWhatsapp v7.50: This version was released on 2nd August 2019 and it featured call waiting improvements, new group chat sharing feature, hidden chats option and much more .
  6. YoWhatsapp v7.30: This version was released on 1st June 2019 and it featured multiple device access option (able to use single account from two devices), voice messages enhancement and also dark theme added to user interface .

v7.10: This version was released on 15th April 2019 which focused mainly on making small modifications to UI along with some extra customization features including night mode option & video message recording etc.

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How to Install YoWhatsapp on your Android Phone?

  1. Download the latest version of YoWhatsapp Apk from a reliable source, such as Google Play Store or any trusted third-party website.
  2. Once the apk file has been downloaded, open it and tap ‘Install’ to begin the installation process.
  3. Once the installation is complete, open YoWhatsapp by tapping its icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer.
  4. Enter your mobile number and verify it with a one-time password (OTP).
  5. Agree to all terms & conditions before proceeding with the registration process.
  6. Now enter your profile information and add profile photo (optional).
  7. You can now start using YoWhatsapp by selecting any contact from your address book to send or receive messages/calls.

Permission Required for Installation

The YoWhatsapp Apk requires permission from the user in order to install it. This permission must be given for all versions of the apk and includes:

  • Read and modify/delete USB Storage
  • Read Phone Status and Identity
  • Take Pictures and Videos
  • Access Photos, Media, and Files on your device
  • Read your contacts
  • Modify or delete the contents of your SD card
  • Find accounts on the device
  • Run at startup
  • Full Network Access
  • Draw over other apps
  • Receive data from Internet
  • Control Vibration
  • Prevent Device from Sleeping Once these permissions are accepted, users can proceed to download the YoWhatsapp Apk.

Features of YoWhatsApp APK 2023

2023 Version

  1. Dark Mode: YoWhatsapp comes with a full-fledged dark mode which looks stunning and also saves battery life for users. The user interface will also have some new vibrant colors to choose from.
  2. Multiple Account Management: With this version, users can manage multiple accounts without having to install separate apps. This feature allows them to quickly switch between different accounts and conveniently keep their conversations organized.
  3. New Stickers and Animations: There are lots of new stickers and animations available in this version, making messaging more fun and entertaining.
  4. Video Calling & Conference: This feature allows up to four people to have video conference calls at the same time with added security measures for better privacy protection.
  5. End-to-end Encryption: YoWhatsapp guarantees end-to-end encryption so that messages, photos, videos, and other files are secure during transfer and stored safely on the device after delivery.
  6. Automatic Backups: The app will now provide an automatic backup feature so users won’t lose their data if they ever need to reset or reinstall the app in the future.
  7. AI Assistance: YoWhatsApp 2023 comes with a built-in artificial intelligence system that can help you with all your communication needs – like auto correcting messages, suggesting replies, and helping with language translation when talking to someone who speaks another language.
  8. Web Accessibility: Users can now access their chats on the web through a web browser on any device for added convenience.
  9. Picture in Picture Viewer (PIP): PIP mode makes it possible for users to watch videos within the chat window instead of opening them in a separate application like before, giving users more flexibility when it comes to messaging options.

Is YoWhatsapp Free to use?

Yes, YoWhatsapp is completely free to use. The app provides a wide range of features that are designed to make communication between users easier and more enjoyable. YoWhatsapp has features such as the ability to share pictures, videos, and documents, access conversations across multiple devices, create custom notifications, and even send disappearing messages. In addition, users can enjoy an ad-free experience with no additional cost.

Is YoWhatsApp APK legal?

Yes, YoWhatsapp Apk is legal. It is an unofficial version of WhatsApp and is developed by Yousef Al-Basha, an independent developer. The APK provides the same features as WhatsApp but with some added benefits like privacy options, anti-ban protection, ability to hide online status, customize theme and background images, etc. YoWhatsapp Apk does not contain any malicious code or infringe upon any copyrights and is available for free download from third-party websites.

Programming Language Used to Build YoWhatsapp

The YoWhatsapp Apk has been built using the Java programming language. It uses object-oriented principles and makes use of libraries such as Apache for its networking layer, Gson for its JSON parser, and RxJava for reactive programming support. It also makes use of the Google Play Services SDKs to integrate various features like push notifications, maps and other components from the Play Store.

It contains all the essential components to deliver a messaging application that includes group chats, media sharing, custom themes and wallpaper customization, enhanced privacy features, multiple languages support and much more.

It follows all necessary security measures in order to provide secure communication among users with its 256 bit encryption system. It has an end-to-end encrypted protocol that prevents unauthorized access to messages by third parties. Moreover, it ensures that no data is stored on the server so that only the users involved in a conversation can access it.

Additionally, YoWhatsapp allows its users to backup their data which is password protected ensuring further security for their conversations. The app is constantly updated with bug fixes and new features to provide users with an enjoyable messaging experience.

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