Vidmate Old Version 2.3 Download

Vidmate 2.3 is an older version of the highly popular video downloading application, allowing users to easily and quickly download their favorite videos from various sources. With a simple user interface, it’s easy to navigate and get started. Downloading videos is a breeze with Vidmate 2.3 – just choose your desired source and start downloading!

Exploring the Features and Benefits of Vidmate 2.3

Vidmate 2.3 is an incredibly powerful video downloading app that provides users with an impressive range of features and benefits. It allows users to download videos from various websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., and supports different resolutions like 1080p, 720p, and 480p. Vidmate 2.3 also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use and helps you find what you’re looking for quickly. Furthermore, the app allows you to access a vast library of music, movies, TV shows, web series, and more without any registration or subscription fees. All these features combined make Vidmate 2.3 the ultimate video downloading experience!

A Comprehensive List of All the Previous Versions of Vidmate

Vidmate Version History:

Here is a list of all the previous versions of Vidmate that have been released:

  1. Vidmate v1.0
  2. Vidmate v2.0
  3. Vidmate v3.0
  4. Vidmate v4.0
  5. Vidmate v5.0
  6. Vidmate v6.0
  7. Vidmate v7.0
  8. Vidmate v8.0
  9. Vidmate v9.0
  10. Vidmate v10.0

This list may not be exhaustive and could be missing some versions that were released. It is always recommended to update to the latest version of any software to get the best performance and features.

How to Install Vidmate 2.3 on Your Android Phone

Installing Vidmate 2.3 on your Android phone is easy!

  1. Go to the Apknear and search for “Vidmate 2.3”
  2. Select the official Vidmate 2.3 app from the search results
  3. Tap the “Install” button
  4. Once installation is complete, open the Vidmate 2.3 app and enjoy!

Permission Required for Installation

To install Vidmate on your device, you must first agree to grant permission for the app. By downloading and installing Vidmate, you agree to allow the app access to photos, media and files stored on your device. Additionally, the app requires permission to make and manage phone calls, record audio, access precise location data, view Wi-Fi connections and run at startup.
If you agree to these terms and conditions, simply press “agree” in order to proceed with installation of Vidmate.

Features of Vidmate APK 2023

File Information:

App NameVidmate Old Version 2.3 Download
App Version2.3
Android Version4.2+
App size7.1MB
Package Namecom.nemo.vidmate
Total Downloads6537,000+
Last Update1 Day ago
Rating4.9(92930 ratings)
Vidmate Old Version 2.3 Download

Vidmate 2.3 is an Android-based video downloader that enables users to download videos from hundreds of websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and more. It offers users the ability to preview and manage their downloads, convert them into different formats, create custom playlists and share downloaded content with others. With this version of Vidmate, users can also access various features such as:

• Live streaming – stream videos directly from various websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more in real-time.

• Fast downloading – the latest version of Vidmate promises the fastest download speed compared to other apps on the market.
• Playlist management – create custom playlists and store your favorite videos for easy access.
• Advanced search – find the perfect video for you with powerful search capabilities including filtering options for date added, most viewed, etc.
• Support for multiple resolutions – supports different resolution formats such as 480p, 720p and 1080p so you can enjoy HD quality viewing experience on your device.
• Inbuilt media player – comes with a built-in media player to play downloaded content on your device or on an external media player connected via USB cable.
• Video converter – allows you to convert any downloaded video into multiple formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP or AAC etc.
• Security measures – encrypts all your data to keep it secure while downloading videos over public networks.

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Is Vidmate v2.3 Apk Free to use?

Yes, Vidmate Apk Version 2.3 is absolutely free to use! This version of the app is available for Android devices and offers a comprehensive selection of media-streaming options. With this version of the app, users can access an expansive library of HD videos and music files. In addition, users can download unlimited videos and music directly to their devices with no additional cost or hidden fees. Furthermore, this version comes with many convenient features such as multi-language support and secure streaming technology to ensure a safe and secure experience while using the app.

Is Vidmate 2.3 Apk Legal to use?

Yes, Vidmate 2.3 is completely legal to use as long as it is downloaded from an official, reputable source. The official website for Vidmate is and you can also find the app in Google Play Store. However, make sure that the version of Vidmate that you are downloading is 2.3 in order to ensure its legality and avoid potential risks associated with other versions. Once you have downloaded it safely from a legitimate source, you can enjoy the numerous features of Vidmate including access to over 200 streaming sites, unlimited downloads, HD videos and audio formats, etc.

Programming Language Used to Built Vidmate 2.3

Vidmate Old Version 2.3 was developed using Java and XML as the main programming languages. The software was designed to provide users with a convenient way to download, watch and manage their favorite online videos from multiple video streaming platforms. The software also had powerful built-in search and sharing capabilities to allow users to quickly find their desired videos and share them with their friends on social media. Additionally, it featured an intuitive user interface that made it easy for users of all levels of technical experience to navigate through the app. Finally, the software was equipped with powerful security measures that kept users’ data safe while they enjoyed all the features offered by Vidmate Old Version 2.3.

Vidmate Old Version 2.3 Download

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