Minecraft 1.17 Apk Download

Minecraft 1.17 for Android is a mobile version of the popular game, designed specifically for Android devices. This new version has improved performance, enhanced graphics and plenty of exciting new features to explore.

Minecraft 1.17 Apk

With Minecraft 1.17 you can build, create and explore in endless worlds full of vibrant colors and exciting. Explore randomly generated lands, fight off dangerous mobs and create all sorts of objects from blocks – this sandbox game will give you endless hours of entertainment!

For Android users, this update includes several special features like cloud sync support, quick item switching and gesture controls that make it easy to access the inventory or switch between tools quickly. Plus, a wealth of crafting options lets you customize your experience just the way you want it. You can also join friends on their own server to share your builds or challenge them to a friendly battle.

No matter where your adventure takes you in Minecraft 1.17 for Android, there’s always something new and exciting around every corner. Start exploring today and experience the power of imagination at your fingertips!

File Information:

App NameMinecraft
App Versionv1.17
Android Version6+
App size123.27MB
Package Namecom.mojang.minecraftpe
Total Downloads69537,000+
Last Update1 Day ago
Rating4.8(542930 ratings)

Minecraft APK Latest version

Minecraft 1.17
Minecraft 1.17

Caves and Cliffs Update is the latest version of the popular sandbox game, released in July 2021. It brings a plethora of new features, such as:

  • New Blocks – Spruce Signposts, Deepslate, Calcite, Glow Squids and Amethyst Geodes
  • Improved Mob Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Introduction of the Loyal Wolf mob
  • Ability to explore massive cave networks with the newly introduced Caves & Cliffs biomes
  • Updated village mechanics with unique workstations for villagers
  • Addition of 3D geometric blocks for enhanced building experiences
  • Colorful items to customize your world
  • Introduction of Structures like Lightning Rods and Sculk Sensors
  • Dripstone Caves offering underground exploration challenges
  • New blocks that react to light such as Glowing Mushrooms and Pointed Dripstone Blocks
  • Adventure Mode that provides new exploration challenges.

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Minecraft Previous All Version List

Caves and Cliffs

Release Date: Summer 2021

New Features:

  • New Mobs – Axolotls, Glow Squids, Mountain Goats, and More!
  • Improved Mining System – Added Block Variants to Create Unique Depths & Heights!
  • Exploration & Adventure – Over 100 New Biomes Including Lush Caves & Mysterious Cliffs!
  • Dynamic Light System – Ambient Lights and Atmospheric Effects Based on Your Location in the World!
  • Redstone Revamp – Redstone Mechanics Rebalanced for Increased Creativity & Power Options!
  • Waterfalls – Navigate Fierce Rapids, Float Downwater Streams, or Scale Glistening Waterfalls!
  • Mountaintop Villages – Brave the High Altitude and Discover Settlements Filled With Traders, Mysteries, and Loot!

Java Edition

1.15 – Buzzy Bees

1.14 – Village & Pillage
1.13 – Update Aquatic
1.12 – The World of Color Update
1.11 – The Exploration Update
1.10 – The Frostburn Update
1.9 – The Combat Update
1.8 – The Bountiful Update
1.7 – The Update that Changed the World

I’m playing an older version of Minecraft, so I need to make sure it’s compatible! Let’s start by loading up Minecraft: Java Edition 1.7 – The Update That Changed the World! As I enter the world, I can see that many of the changes made with this update have been implemented! Blocks like carpets and hardened clay are now available, while mobs such as horses, rabbits, and zombies are now roaming around in the wild. This update has truly changed the landscape of my game!

How to Install Minecraft on your Android Phone?

Pocket Edition is available to download from the Google Play Store. To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for “Minecraft”.
  2. Select the version of Minecraft that you want to install.
  3. Tap “Install” and accept any permissions requested.
  4. The game will begin downloading and once it’s finished, you can open it up and start playing!

Permission Required for Installation

Before you can play Minecraft, you must accept the end user license agreement. You must also confirm that you are at least 13 years old or have your parent’s permission before continuing with the installation. After agreeing to the EULA and confirming your age, follow these steps to install and begin playing Minecraft:

  1. Go to apknear.com and click “Download”.
  2. Open the installer once it finishes downloading.
  3. Read through and accept the terms of the EULA when prompted by the installer window.
  4. If you’re 13 or over, click “I agree”; if not, have a parent review and agree to the EULA.
  5. Follow any other instructions in the installer window until Minecraft is finished installing on your computer.
  6. Once complete, open the Minecraft launcher to start playing!

Features of Minecraft APK 2023

2023 brings players the most realistic Minecraft experience to date with a number of exciting new features. Now you can explore new biomes, battle hostile mobs and boss monsters, mine rare resources, build elaborate structures and discover hidden secrets. With improved visuals and audio, as well as support for VR headsets, Minecraft: 2023 offers a richer, more immersive experience than ever before!

Explore New Biomes – Explore an array of vibrant new biomes ranging from snow-covered mountains to scorching desert landscapes. Uncover hidden caves, battle hostile mobs and even fly through the sky on elytra wings!

Battle Hostile Mobs and Boss Monsters – Brave the harsh environment by battling waves of mobs and fearsome bosses. Find ancient loot and use powerful weapons to fight your way to victory!

Mine Rare Resources – Dig deep into the earth in search of rare ores such as diamond, emerald and gold. Use them to craft powerful armor or create wondrous works of art!

Build Elaborate Structures – Show off your creativity by building epic fortresses or lavish villages with blocks of every shape and size. Create intricate mechanisms with pistons, comparators and hoppers to control your builds!

Discover Hidden Secrets – Follow clues left behind by previous adventurers to find secret passages leading to undiscovered dungeons filled with lost treasure. Dare you venture forth?

Improved Visuals and Audio – Take in breathtaking views as you journey across this expansive world in stunning 4K resolution. Hear dynamic ambient soundscapes that bring the game to life like never before!

VR Support – Put on a headset and explore this fantastic world like never before! Get lost in a truly immersive 3D environment as you look around using motion controls.

Minecraft: 2023 brings all these incredible features together in one seamless package offering players the ultimate sandbox gaming experience!

Is Minecraft Free to use?

No, Minecraft is not free to use. To play the full version of Minecraft, you will need to purchase it from the official Minecraft website.

Java Edition and Minecraft for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 are all legally available for purchase on the official website. However, Minecraft APKs found on other websites may not be legitimate or legal versions of the game. It is recommended that players only download and install Minecraft from trusted sources to avoid malicious software or other unwanted programs.

Programming Language Used to Build Minecraft

Java Edition was built using the Java programming language. Other languages used to build Minecraft include C++, C#, and JavaScript. Additionally, server-side plugins written in Python are often used to customize the gameplay experience of the game.

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