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Finkbine Golf Course has everything you need for all levels of players from beginners to advanced with plenty of space to practice and perfect your game without being crowded by other people on the course. They also have great deals on memberships so that you can come to them often as possible without breaking the bank!

So if you’re looking for a new place to play or just want some pointers then come on down we would love to see you at Finkbine Golf Course.

Finkbine golf course

The design of Finkbine Golf Course fairways and very  greens, shorter and longer holes deserves, but there are a couple of very hard doglegs. Finkbine Golf Course have had some changes since this course was built many years ago, but the course’s “old design” is noticeable. Finkbine Golf Course is rather good in the Iowa city area. The layout of the track will only get better with age (in humble opinion) as it is so rare for some courses not to constantly lengthen to their yardages as golf technology improves. Finkbine Golf Course general tightness of tee shots, landing zones and area will keep this otherwise short course as a challenge for your regular avid golfer. Secondly, Finkbine Golf Course conditions were amazing: we believe the greens are bentgrass. The course greens were very soft and it felt great to walk on. Course club held relatively well and rolled very true. We know Finkbine Golf Course fairways were green and lush, and it was really a pleasure to take divots out here. Also, how the course was wrapped in nature. Most holes are in Finkbine Golf Course framed by a variety of colorful trees and that is so much more welcoming than cutting through a neighborhood. That type of calm is so peaceful but is unfortunately much more common in the country club ranks. Finkbine Golf Course is very cool and it’s affordable, and the public course offers the same aesthetic.

Being ready to going Finkbine Golf Course👲

You should plan on having all of the golf accessories in your bag, six to 12 balls, a golf glove, necessary tees and a ball marker in your pocket and ready to go.

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To know before you go:-)😃

Finkbine Golf Course is a nice place to play. It is close to the Melrose Avenue area and everyone can play friendly in the quiet place. It is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Iowa. Staff is always good people. A lake is  surrounded by the place and the gross is really soft in green shape. It is obviously the perfect place to play. To play in Finkbine Golf Course pick a tee time between 7AM – 9PM. It is around 7240 yards. No matter whether a person is alone or with someone even though his/her grandfather can play. Finkbine Golf Course always improved significantly every year. Finkbine Golf Course has  18 holes and every hole is great!.

Size7240 Yards
Working Time:9AM – 5PM
Phone :319-335-9246 

About Finkbine Golf Course people’s:-)👥

There’s Super friendly people who take pride in their properties while playing golf. This property has beautiful streets, flowers & palm trees. Finkbine Golf Course has a nice activity building along with a well kept pool & hot tub area. The Iowa city community appears to be run very well by the board and hopefully it continues in that manner for a long time. Finkbine Golf Course Club is consistently in great shape, hats off to the superintendent!. Finkbine Golf Course has challenging holes to play although play from the back tees for a really challenging 18 or play from the men’s tees for a moderate challenge.

Finkbine golf course

– Beginners can practice their skills on our fairways while more advanced players can challenge themselves on our greens.

Finkbine Golf Course is a nice course, very clean and well maintained (why would children be playing on a golf course?). The greens are always in good shape and roll very true. Finkbine Golf Course has lots of trees, but if you keep it in the fairway you can score well. Melrose Avenue is beautiful and some days A.M. specials are a great deal.


Finkbine Golf Course design was fun conditions overall were 8/10.

Greens: 7/10 the cups were replaced unevenly.

Fairways: 8/10

Tee Boxes: 7/10 some uneven and beat up.

Pace: 7/10 pretty good.

Service: 8/10 Nice people and have to walk from valet to pro shop with your bags and it’s not pretty far. Especially for 75 y.o. father. Carts should be given out at the bag drop or at least give a ride to the shop.

Range: 10 Great facilities!

(Basic tips of the articles)

Let’s know the features of Course Club. Starting in the articles we know Finkbine Golf Course is in good shape. Water of the lake is really calm therefore the boundary of the course is strong. The Finkbine Golf Course is a little bit famous in the Melrose Avenue area.

Finkbine Golf Course Facilities:

Firstly, the lands where the Golf Course resides. Secondly, the improvements utilized in the operation of the Golf Course, excluding the structures heretofore known as the annex. Lastly all entrances, exits, rights of ingress and egress, licenses and easements related everything included in course.

Finkbine Golf Course Properties: Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment and Operating Equipment also the Operating Supplies that pertain to the Golf Course another way we can say the operation thereof.

– And don’t forget about their restaurant—they’ve got some delicious dishes made with local ingredients!

The best part about all this? It’s all available at a price point that works for any budget. So what are you waiting for? Book your tee time now!

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3 Stretches Should Do Before Golfing


1. Twisting Stretch

You have to do your legs wider than your hips and rest your right hand on your lower back palm that is facing away from you.

Inhale – reach your left hand by bending your right knee and outside your right foot. exhale – lift your torso up and switch your hands then slowly place your left hand on your lower back. Twist toward the left to reach your right hand around the corner. Have to allow your hand with your gaze obviously to exaggerate the twist and finally do that six times and switch sides to get better on the golf course.

2. Shoulder Stretch

Face a wall and stick one of your arms out to the side. Stand too close to the wall also place your arm and palm straight flatly against the wall. After doing that , turn your head to the opposite side and be careful not to get hurt when doing this. Slowly go back a bit to put pressure on the arm on the wall as well.

3. Wrist Stretch

Now, keep your one hand out in front of you with the palm facing up. Therefore let’s turn your fingers down toward ground with your palm still up then and use your other hand to push your fingers in your decided direction. In the end push gently at first, and then build up more pressure for a more and more stretch.

The golf course club is a great place to hang out with friends or family while enjoying a nice day outside. The greens are in good shape even in this cold weather. Player’s love to playing here and really enjoy the Driving range. This course has a very nice practice area for your short game including putting green, chipping, pitching and a bunker for practice. Great Coaches and easy to get lessons at affordable prices.

Finkbine Golf Course | Information | Iowa City

Finkbine golf course

They offer a wide range of services including private lessons, group lessons, and clinics that are personalized based on your skill level and goals. Plus, we have great packages that make it easy and affordable to learn how to play like a pro!

The perfect place for your next golf outing! Whether you’re looking for a fun round with friends or want to take your game to the next level, our professional instructors will ensure that you walk away feeling like a champ.

This place has everything you need to improve your game or just have some fun! The coaches are great and can help anyone no matter what level they are at. Come check us out today!

To enjoy the course, all you need is a set of clubs (which we also sell here at our Pro Shop!). We have everything you need to have a great time on the links, including a beautiful restaurant where you can grab some lunch or dinner before or after your round. And don’t forget about our gorgeous clubhouse with its panoramic views of the surrounding hills – it’s sure to make any golf lover’s heart go pitter-patter!


1380 Melrose Ave
Iowa City, IA 52242

finkbine tee times?

Finkbine golf course

Between 9AM – 5PM the course fee 9 holes $25 and 18 holes $40 they often closed saturday and sunday.

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