The authority application of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Jul 23-Aug 8, 2021) and Paralympics (Aug 24-Sep 5, 2021) is your own aide and ally to the Games. Get most recent updates, news, plan, sports expected at the Games. Join the Olympic Torch Relay venture as the fire goes through notorious areas in Japan and follow it by means of live streaming and features.

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Tokyo Olympics 2020

Alter your experience by picking your number one games, group and get customized updates and notices to keep awake to date.

Play a Tokyo 2020 FanZone game: test your insight on Trivia and appreciate Magic Moments.

Experience AR on an unheard of level with World Lens: an intelligent excursion through 8 of the world’s different societies.

How about we commend our disparities and become #StrongerTogether.

The application content is accessible in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean and Spanish.

The Republic of Macedonia has contended under the temporary name “Previous Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” in each Summer and Winter Games since its introduction in 1996 due to the contested status of its authority name. The naming questions with Greece finished in 2018 with the consenting to of the Prespa arrangement, and the nation was authoritatively renamed North Macedonia in February 2019. The new name was promptly perceived by the IOC, albeit the Olympic Committee of North Macedonia (NMOC) was not formally taken on until February 2020. The NMOC sent an assignment to the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics in January 2020, yet the Tokyo Games are North Macedonia’s first appearance at the Summer Olympics under its new name. Since contending as Swaziland multiple times at the Summer and Winter Olympics, Eswatini made its introduction under that name after the renaming of the country by the lord in 2018