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The added value of affiliate marketing is the fact that advertisers can collaborate with hundreds of partners, the affiliates, without engaging in direct communication with them. Therefore, the advertisers can increase their market position without a need to conduct time-consuming processes of recurring approvals and relationship building with partners. These tasks are performed by the affiliative system operator, who establishes contact with the advertisers and with the partners and enables advertisers to benefit from the advertising capacity of partners from all around the world. From advertisers’ perspective, advertising services are provided by the operator and not by each partner engaged within the affiliation system.

Analogically, the affiliates (partners) are able to provide advertising services without any interaction with advertisers since the affiliate panel gives partners access to all the necessary information needed to run an advertising campaign. Such information includes, for example, advertising materials for each advertised product and service category, geolocation data for individual advertising campaigns for each advertised product and service category, which can be advertised in accordance with its geolocation. Additionally, the affiliate panel includes information about rates per lead generated in a campaign per geolocation. From the perspective of the partners, their services are rendered to the operator and not the advertisers